Limited lifetime Powertrain Warranty


Harrisonburg Ford stands apart from all other Ford Stores around us. Why? Because we are the only Ford dealer in the area to offer a free lifetime powertrain warranty when you purchase a vehicle from us

"When the others say it's a gimmick, it's because they don't offer it."

- Harry Scott

Harrisonburg Ford in Harrisonburg, VA, gives you powertrain limited warranty coverage for your engine, transmission, drive axle, seals, gaskets, and other internally lubricated parts for covered repairs, as long as you own the vehicle.*

Benefits of this "No Gimmick Warranty"

  1. Service/Maintenance can be completed by any ASE technician
    • We will work hard to keep your business here, though.
    • Must keep receipts
  2. Service must be within 1500 or 30 days of recommendation.
  3. We provide free 30k, 60k, 90k mile inspections at our dealership
  4. Oil change must be done every 6 months, or 7500 miles (whichever occurs first)

Contact Harrisonburg Ford Today and start enjoying the benefits of your own Lifetime Warranty on your new Ford vehicle!

*Excludes any SVT, Trucks over 12500 GVWR, or a Commercially owned vehicle.